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Mobile Learning Brings Training Right to Your Fingertips

by Jeffrey Roth

Did you know that there are as many mobile devices as there are people alive on the face of the earth (more than 7 billion)? Sounds crazy, but its true. There are also mind-blowing technological advances being made to mobile devices daily. Whether you know it or not, these reasons combine to make the present era the most ideal time to be a business owner.

Why should business owners be excited by the widespread use of mobile devices? Because the overwhelming presence of these devices enables employers to implement mobile learning (mLearning). With mobile learning, business owners can deliver information to employees via mobile device, bringing training right to their fingertips.

Mobile Learning Brings Training Right to Your Fingertips

Employees Love the Ease of mLearning

Mobile learning is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. More than likely this is because mLearning is as easy as glancing at a smart phone or tablet. The amazing thing about mobile learning is that it allows users to access the content they need…on any device, wherever they may be. Mobile learning truly can’t be beat for sheer ease of use.

Mobile Learning Increases Productivity

If you were to ask the CEO of any major company about mLearning, he or she would probably admit that it is transformational for an organization suffering from low productivity. Mobile learning can seriously increase a company’s revenue by heightening workforce productivity, but its game-changing quality stems from its ability to ensure successful employee training.

Employee Training is Key to a Prosperous Company

Employee training is non-negotiable for individuals who wish to grow their company. Quite simply, an organization will not prosper unless its workers are successful, and employee success is birthed through workplace education. Interestingly, employee education often becomes phased out during tough economic times. This is unfortunate since employee training is vital to the health of an organization.

An eye-opening study conducted by the National Center of the Educational Quality of the Workforce “found that on average, a 10 percent increase in workforce education level led to an 8.6 percent gain in total productivity, and a 10 percent increase in the value of equipment increased productivity just 3.4 percent.” What an amazing statistic. If a 10 percent increase in employee education/training can lead to an 8.6 percent increase in productivity, just imagine the productivity that would result from a higher percentage increase in workforce training.

Clearly, employee training is the missing link to a thriving organization. Business owners who yearn to see growth within their organization must invest time and money into employee training.

How Mobile Learning Facilitates Employee Education

A business owner can have the best employee training materials that were ever created, but without effective distribution, a training program will inevitably fail. Business owners who want to see better results from employee training should turn toward mobile learning. Why? Because mLearning helps business owners ensure a successful training experience for employees.

Mobile learning ensures successful employee training by…

  • Heightening knowledge retention rates
  • Improving learning engagement
  • Empowering employees to develop job skills
  • Creating an easier learning process
  • Appealing to non-traditional learners

Obviously, mobile learning has the capacity to maximize employee education, which can significantly increase a company’s productivity, growth and revenue.

You can experience the benefits of mobile learning by implementing a learning management system (like TOPYX) that is available on mobile devices. But, be sure you don’t choose an LMS that charges excess fees for mobile learning capabilities.

If you have not yet embraced mobile learning, now is an advantageous time to do so. Business owners literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing mLearning. Give it a try and note the many ways mobile learning helps your workforce and increases your company’s revenue.