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Learning Managment System Provides New Year’s Resolutions

by Jeffrey Roth

What is your top New Year’s resolution for your company? Some business owners would say growth, and others, a strengthened workforce. All would say increased revenue.

What are your specific hopes for your business in 2016? Take a moment to list them mentally. Once you have listed them in your mind or on paper, tell yourself that all of these goals can come to fruition this year. These often-elusive concepts known as New Year’s resolutions can be fulfilled when the right support system is in place, namely a social learning management system (LMS).

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Here are three resolutions most companies have for the upcoming year:

  1. Reduce Costs/Increase Revenue
  2. Strengthen Workforce
  3. Simplify Training

Are your business’s goals for 2016 somewhere along these lines? If so, know that an eLearning system can provide the solutions to your company’s New Year’s resolutions.

An LMS Reduces Costs/Increases Revenue

Did you know that a social learning management system can lower an organization’s bottom line? It does this in several ways. First, since it hosts online training, an LMS eliminates the need for in-person trainers and classroom rentals. The article Top 5 Benefits of Using eLearning Tools for Staff Training states, “In terms of costs, businesses (that implement LMSs) no longer have to spend (money) on commutation and classroom and infrastructure rentals. Trainer costs are typically one-time since the same material may be reused for multiple batches of learners. Finally, since all of this is in electronic format, paper consumption is significantly reduced. All of this brings about a significant reduction in the bottom line.” An LMS is a solid solution for companies hoping to reduce costs in 2016. 

Strengthen Your Workforce with an eLearning System

Your company’s greatest assets are its employees. Without them, there is no way for your business to grow or thrive. Anne M. Mulcahy says that workers are a company’s “competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company’s mission.”

Many employers do not value their employees and thus experience high turnover rates. If only organizational leaders understood that they can increase employee retention, engagement and satisfaction by implementing a social learning management system. An LMS nurtures a workforce by facilitating easy-to-access training and promoting a workplace culture that is more collaborative than competitive. Features such as social learning, which allows for the monitored use of social media in the workplace, realtime chat and video conferencing make the day-to-day duties of any employee more exciting. Also, mobile learning streamlines training processes by giving LMS users access to work-related information and training materials via any device with an Internet connection and a Web browser. Strengthening your workforce is as easy as launching an eLearning system with these employee satisfaction-promoting features.

How a Learning Management System Simplifies Corporate Training

If there’s anything an LMS can do, it can simplify training. In-person training models are on their way out as employers discover the efficacy and superiority of eLearning. With an LMS, employees have 24/7-access to training resources which they can view from any device and location.

Online learning is not just appealing to Millennials – it is suitable for a multi-generational workforce. Also, LMSs don’t just simplify the training process for administrators; they also streamline training for employees. eLearning industry says that new users usually figure out an LMS easily, “while old users will find new challenges as they progress through the system. (The LMS) also accommodates multiple features necessary for the satisfactory-to-excellent delivery of the learning modules, including documenting, recording, and tracking.” There is no better way to simplify employee training than with a cloud-based social learning management system.

Could your company use a stronger workforce, increased revenue and simplified training? All of these things can be attained when an LMS like TOPYX is implemented. TOPYX is a Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award-winning eLearning system that features mobile learning, social learning tools, eCommerce, learning tools interoperability, integrations, and SCORM certification. Major organizations like Tupperware brands and Interstate Batteries trust TOPYX. 

Where do you want your company to be this time next year? Whether you hope for a stronger workforce, increased revenue, simplified training, or all of the above, an LMS provides the solutions your organization needs to make these goals a reality.