LMS, Learning Management System

Is Your Current LMS Meeting Your Organization’s Needs?

by Jeffrey Roth

eLearning is a  hot topic these days. In fact, it’s estimated that the learning management system (LMS) industry will steadily climb to $8 billion by 2018.¹

Organizations of all varieties are jumping on the social LMS bandwagon, and for good reason: learning management systems can transform company culture, increase revenue and make daily operations go smoothly.

Although an eLearning system is typically an asset to a company, certain LMSs can be a headache. What type of LMS does your organization utilize? Is it meeting your expectations and your company’s needs?

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Does Your LMS Deliver?

The only way to find out if your LMS is truly beneficial is to assess your organization’s needs and then take an honest look at how well your eLearning system is meeting them.

Different organizations require different things from a learning management system. However, there are a few characteristics that any organization—be it a multinational, a business or a nonprofit—requires of an eLearning system. ALL organizations need an LMS to be…

Easy-to-integrate – No one has time to deal with an LMS that isn’t easy to integrate with other systems and programs. A recent study conducted by Software Advice revealed that “the top challenge for LMS users is the integration of LMS software with other systems.” If your organization’s LMS is not compatible with the systems you rely on, it is not the best learning management system for you.

Easy-to-maintain – There are few things more annoying that investing good money into an eLearning system and then having to pay an IT person or team to maintain it. In a perfect world, every LMS on the market would be self-managed, not requiring IT support. Also, every LMS provider would offer ongoing client support at no extra cost. While this is not the case for every learning management system, it is for some. If your LMS requires maintenance from an IT team, it may not be the ideal choice for your organization.

Easy-to-learn – A learning management system should be relatively easy to learn how to use. Furthermore, an eLearning system provider should supply clients with user manuals as well as initial training to ensure the LMS is utilized to its fullest capacity. Is the LMS your company uses difficult to learn and operate? If so, you should question whether or not it is right for your organization.

Every type of organization should have an LMS that makes its day-to-day operations easier, not more difficult. When your learning management system begins to trouble you more than benefit you, it is no longer meeting your company’s needs. 

Transitioning to a Different LMS Shouldn’t Cause Stress

Would you agree that, as an employer, it’s often easier to stick with what you know than to try something new? There is no shame in this. Organizational leaders sometimes stay with an LMS, even if it is sub-par, for the sake of simplicity. After all, these individuals have a lot on their plate, and don’t have much time to oversee major changes like transitioning from a so-so LMS to an excellent eLearning system.

Does transitioning to a different LMS have to be stressful? It depends on the social learning management system you are crossing over to. Some LMSs will be a headache to switch to; others will be a breeze. You can ensure an easy transition to a new eLearning system by doing your homework and looking into several different options. Remember, you want an LMS that can be easily integrated with existing systems, easily learned and easily maintained.

Are you ready to trade your current LMS for one that better suits your organization? If so, consider the award-winning social learning management system TOPYX. With TOPYX, you’ll receive client support from implementation through the life of your use of the eLearning system. Also, TOPYX is a no-pay-per-user LMS, meaning you pay the same low, flat rate whether you have 10 users or 10,000. TOPYX is easy-to-integrate, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. What more could you ask for in a social learning management system?

If your LMS is no longer meeting your organization’s needs, be proactive by searching for an eLearning system that will exceed your expectations. You won’t regret the time and effort you invest in this venture.



¹ http://www.softwareadvice.com/hr/userview/lms-report-2015/