LMS, Learning Management System

Leverage eLearning Tools to Organize Business

by Jeffrey Roth

Businesses can’t exist apart from organization. Or, more accurately, successful businesses can’t exist without organization. Almost any company can be high-performing/producing, but in order for this status to be reached, organization must be paramount. Once a system of organization is established within a business, every employee and administrator should understand it and adhere to its design.

Although the majority of business owners value organization and desire to implement a system of organization, few know what system to choose. Administrators know what they want—a supremely organized, successful company—but don’t know how to get it. Usually, company leaders turn to the Internet to locate organizational tools. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because the Internet does indeed boast plenty of organizational tools for businesses. However, while the Internet makes it simple to access organizational tools, it also houses an overwhelming amount of organizational solutions. In light of this, is it any wonder that organization eludes most businesses?

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The Web: Help or Hindrance to Business Organization?

If you’ve ever used the Web to conduct a simple search for organizational tools for businesses, you have no doubt encountered a lot of resources that were not useful to you. Perhaps you felt as if finding the right organizational system was about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. This is the reality that every business owner seeking organizational tools on the Web faces. Why? Because, contrary to popular opinion, the Internet can wreak havoc on business organization.

In an effort to cut costs, business owners utilize free organizational sites in hopes of getting their companies on the straight-and-narrow path to organizational success. The trouble is, most of these sites don’t deliver what they promise. Since it houses too many “solutions” for organization and not much straightforward advice on how to make the most of these tools, the Web often leaves company leaders confused and unequipped to organize a business. 

The Internet IS the Solution to Business Organization

It’s undeniable that the Internet can bring more chaos than organization to a business if an administrator does not know where on the Web to look for help. On the upside, if used correctly, the Internet can offer as much organizational help as a business needs.

The Internet offers some organizational benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, cloud-based technologies, which are only available online, are totally revolutionizing the way businesses are run. Cloud-based technologies have the power to quickly get a business to a state of organization and high production. How? By enabling employees to do what they could never do apart from the Web:

  • Work from remote locations.
  • Store business-related correspondence in a central location online.
  • Access work-related materials, resources and training sessions anywhere, anytime, from any device with a Web browser and access to the Internet.

Now, the Internet alone cannot give employees and business owners the liberty to work from home, keep work correspondence in a secure location, etc. But, a learning management system (LMS), an organizational system that is Internet-based, certainly can. 

Leveraging eLearning Tools for Business Organization

Rather than relying on random sites promising business organization, smart company leaders are implementing cloud-based learning management systems. In doing so, these leaders are protecting their businesses from ineffective organizational systems. Learning management systems, also referred to as eLearning systems, offer a central location that makes it easy to access content and business communication. More so, training sessions can be offered via LMS to educate and empower employees so they can use the system effectively.

A social learning management system that brings structure to the cloud is TOPYX. This award-winning LMS offers clear-cut business solutions that help companies become (and remain) organized. TOPYX promotes organization through features such as online learning paths, Single Sign-on, reporting tools, a central database, and collaborative learning tools. Also, learning tools interoperability (LTI), a state-of-the-art feature of this eLearning system, makes integrating TOPYX into an existing organizational model effortless. 

If organization is an afterthought to a business, that business will not be successful. Company leaders can keep chaos at bay by implementing a cloud-based learning management system. LMSs facilitate the simplicity and business organization that administrators want, and position companies for long-term success.