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Learning Management Systems Help Nonprofits Go Mobile

by Jeffrey Roth

Our LMS blog readers use a variety of devices to access the Internet. Some people swear by a trusty laptop; others can’t be pried away from a smart phone. Many individuals enjoy curling up on the couch with a tablet and surfing the web.

And, there are the few who will only use a desktop computer to do their Internet browsing. What type of device are you using to read this article right now?

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Most Organizations Have “Gone Mobile” – Has Yours?

It seems like everyone these days is glued to an iPhone, Android or tablet. Walk into any coffee shop and you’ll see that most customers’ faces are buried in their mobile device of choice. The world is going mobile, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. You’ll find people using mobile devices just about anywhere you go – especially your nonprofit workplace. Most nonprofit leaders understand this, and that’s precisely why they invest in mobile-friendly applications, websites and content.

Has your organization gone mobile yet? If not, you’re not alone. Some organizations—particularly nonprofits—are finding it hard to keep up with the accelerated pace of technological development. Even though most nonprofits know how important it is to make resources and information accessible to those using mobile devices, they still lack the presentation that conveys their relevance. What these nonprofits don’t know is how easy it is to go mobile.

Go Mobile with a Learning Management System

How can a nonprofit go mobile, and in so doing meet the needs of its members, volunteers and employees? The answer is simple: by implementing a cloud-based social learning management system (LMS) that has mobile learningcapabilities.

Too often, people associate learning management systems with corporate training. Although LMSs are brilliant for devising corporate training programs, some have many more functions, such as mobile learning. As you’ll discover, mobile learning is extremely advantageous to nonprofits.


Why Should Nonprofits Care About Going Mobile?

Maybe you run a nonprofit and do not see the value in going mobile. Perhaps going mobile just because everyone else is isn’t enough of an incentive for you to implement an LMS. Let us assure you that there are solid reasons why nonprofits should become more present and accessible to those who use mobile devices. For example, an eLearning system that facilitates mobile access…

  • Enables individuals to securely donate funds.
  • Allows volunteers, employees and members to connect with one another by having access to the same information and resources stored online in a secure database.
  • Encourages nonprofits to make their organizations, charitable giving options and volunteer opportunities visible on mobile devices.
  • Increases a nonprofit’s revenue, online presence and notoriety by letting individuals interact with the association easily, from any device. 

The Right LMS for Your Nonprofit

After reading about all a mobile learning-friendly LMS has to offer a nonprofit, it’s natural to get excited about finding the right eLearning system for your association. TOPYX takes the guesswork out of the search for the ideal LMS.

TOPYX®, the award-winning LMS used by organizations such as CSX and Intel Security, is the perfect eLearning platform for any nonprofit. Why? Because it has the features needed to help your association go mobile, automate reports, connect employees, volunteers and members, and create an interactive social media presence on a static website. Additionally, TOPYX offers a discount to qualifying nonprofits.

Thousands of people have been touched, if not transformed, by nonprofit associations. Nonprofits help individuals in need and give others purpose by equipping them for public service. Chances are, the nonprofit you lead is making a bigger impact on your community than you may think. You can enable your nonprofit to reach a greater amount of people and change more lives by implementing an LMS with mobile learning options.

Who would have guessed that mobile technology and nonprofit associations would make such a beautiful, effective team?

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