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How to Upskill Tech Employees Remotely Using an LXP

by Debbie Williams

Some tech companies have faced a specific employee technology training challenge throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: they have struggled to keep workers upskilled. A lack of employee training isn’t good for any company in any industry, but this is especially true for tech companies. For example, many tech employees must have a robust knowledge of products. Otherwise, their sales will suffer. Also, if tech customer service employees aren't properly upskilled, then customer churn will rise due to product or service frustrations. 

By using a learning experience platform (LXP), tech companies can get their employees, even those working remotely, upskilled and offer them ongoing training and growth opportunities.

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Want to keep your tech employees upskilled during the pandemic? An LXP for remote training can help.

3 tips for using an LXP to equip
tech employees with essential skills

An LXP is a software tool used to create and manage customized virtual learning experiences. LXPs are used by a variety of businesses, brands, and organizations to remotely teach or train employees, customers, members, and volunteers. Tech companies can benefit from using an LXP like TOPYX to deliver remote training to their employees. 

Here are some ways you can use a learning experience platform to upskill your tech company’s workforce from a distance:

1. Kick-off your eLearning program with a remote training orientation seminar

Not knowing how to use a learning experience platform can be a major deterrent to learners. The same can be said for not being familiar with one’s online learning path. For the best results with your remote training program, offer remote employees an online orientation seminar to kick off your eLearning program. The seminar would discuss the basic usage of the system, workers’ customized learning paths, and ongoing training for employees. Ideally, the seminar would be the first remote learning module on an employee’s learning path.

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2. Ensure all product training is immediately available to remote tech employees

Tech employees must have access to product training. Many tech companies sell a variety of tech products. Without full knowledge of these products, remote workers may have trouble making sales or upselling products. You can make sure this doesn’t happen by uploading all product training to your LXP and making it immediately available to remote tech employees. Product training should be mandatory. Additionally, product training should be updated as consistently as products change.

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3. Create a training schedule for remote learners

Employees often enjoy online training because it is so flexible and can be engaged in anywhere and anytime. However, there is something to be said for having a training schedule, even a loose schedule, for remote learners. Remote learners may feel lost at sea without a training schedule of some sort, and having a sense of accountability to participate in training would likely encourage engagement with training. As a result, you would see greater levels of upskilling for tech employees. At the least, give a training schedule a try. If employees don’t adopt it, switch to a fully self-paced training model.

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Let an LXP keep your tech workforce
upskilled during the pandemic and beyond

If you are relying on in-person or blended learning to upskill your tech employees, something has to change. Remember, switching to remote training isn’t a trend that will die out. This is because online learning isn’t just valuable during a pandemic -- it is valuable anytime because it is more accessible for learners. 

The TOPYX learning experience platform will help you seamlessly transition from delivering in-person training to online training. TOPYX enables your L&D team to deploy training to tech employees quickly. It is also effective at helping tech companies increase customer satisfaction and renewals. Learn more by requesting a free demo of TOPYX.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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