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How a Hosted LMS Promotes Online Corporate Learning

by Debbie Williams


Did you know that a hosted LMS promotes online learning in corporate settings? It’s true. However, many people aren’t aware of this. Why? Because they aren’t sure what a hosted LMS is. And, their understanding of online learning is fuzzy. But there’s nothing wrong with this.

Lots of folks, including high-power company leaders, are new to this. They might be unsure about the meaning of “hosted LMS” and “online learning.” Do you have a limited understanding of what a hosted LMS is? Are you unsure how such systems can promote online corporate learning? If so, stick with us for the next few hundred words. We will help you wrap your head around these terms. We'll help you to know what they mean for your company.

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What is a Hosted LMS?

To start with, let’s clarify the meaning of “hosted LMS.” The article What is an LMS? states, “’LMS’ is short for ‘learning management system.’ An LMS can also be called an eLearning system. Or, a social learning management system. An LMS is a computer program that helps employers to train learners or employees. It provides the tools employers need to write training content. A hosted LMS also makes it possible to distribute training content and to track learners’ progress. This is all done online. It is as simple as that.”

There are several different types of learning management systems. These include open-source, proprietary, cloud-based, and fully hosted. The type most commonly used in corporate settings is a fully hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) LMS. A fully hosted eLearning system is completely hosted by its learning management system provider. A hosted LMS’s information and content are stored in one secure, online location. This type of LMS is preferable to an in-house LMS. This is because it doesn’t need to be managed by an in-house IT team. Instead, it is managed by its LMS service provider.

How Do Administrators Manage a Hosted LMS?

One key reason companies choose a hosted LMS is because it is easy to launch and to maintain. A learning management system service provider manages a hosted LMS. Not a customer. A customer’s or administrator’s only jobs include…

  • Logging into the LMS – Plenty of hosted online learning systems have a single sign-on login process. This capability adds to ease of use. It also makes a system more user-friendly.
  • Putting together content for courses – Some hosted learning management systems have a built-in course content library. A course content library makes essential tasks simple for administrators. With it, they can construct courses and distribute content to learners.
  • Distributing content for courses – Many company leaders who implement an LMS lack a thorough knowledge of coding and IT. eLearning system providers understand this. They don’t expect all administrators to know how to distribute training content to their employees. Various fully hosted LMS features help company leaders assign learners to specific courses. These features also track learners' progress throughout the duration of a course.

What is Online Learning?

Onto our next subject: online learning. Online learning is simply learning or training within a Web-based setting. Online learning gives learners/employees the opportunity to engage in coursework anywhere. And, at any time, from any place. Most hosted learning management systems enable mobile learning. Mobile learning lets learners access training from any device with a Web browser and an Internet connection. Because of its convenience, online learning is the preferred method of workplace training for a vast number of employees.

How a Hosted LMS Promotes Corporate, Online Learning

Now you know what a hosted LMS is. And, you have an understanding of the definition of online learning. Let’s move on to our ultimate topic, “How a hosted LMS promotes online corporate learning.”

“Corporate learning” can be synonymous with “employee training.” It refers to learning or education that happens in the workplace. The purpose of this training is to help workers become more skilled and productive. Corporate learning can help with teaching best practices. It can also help with workplace safety training.

Employee training/corporate learning is absolutely critical to the success of employees. And, employers know it. It’s estimated that worldwide, companies spend about $130 billion yearly on training their employees. This is necessary and essential. But, if the training isn't delivered in a format that learners can grasp, it won’t transfer well. Fortunately, training delivered via an online format promotes knowledge transfer. This is because it personally caters to a variety of types of learners. Learners have different styles or ways of understanding information. Some of these learning types include auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.

To sum up, online learning ensures that employees use what they’ve learned. It also helps ensure that companies don’t waste dollars on training that won't ever get used.

A hosted LMS promotes online corporate learning. How? By…

  • Enabling creation and distribution of corporate training materials through specific features.
  • Offering mobile learning. This allows learners to access training anytime. And from any place, on any device.
  • Eliminating the need to hire in-person instructors. Having to do that can keep company leaders from offering training.
  • Facilitating social learning. Social learning fosters collaboration and connection. This makes learning fun. It also encourages employees to participate in the training process.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing