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Solutions to LMS User Management

by Debbie Williams

A social learning management system (LMS) is a wonderful thing that comes with a host of benefits and sometimes a few problems. These problems are no big deal if administrators know how to address them. Of all the issues that accompany an LMS, the biggest one is probably a difficulty managing (adding and maintaining) users. For a mid-sized or large company with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is crucial that managing users is a streamlined, simple task. Quickly and easily adding and maintaining user accounts is also important for small companies that want to experience great growth. Whether they are small, medium, or large, companies need and want user management to be easy. Not every LMS facilitates effortless management of users, but some do.

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What Are People Seeking in an LMS? Convenience in Adding and Maintaining Users.

A decade ago, there was only a limited number of LMSs on the market. That is no longer the case. Today, companies have a huge number of eLearning systems to choose from. This makes it hard for company leaders to decide which LMS is right for their organization. The fact that there is a sea of LMSs on the market also adds stress to the process of implementing and launching a social learning management system. Corporate decision makers often wonder if they have made the correct choice and if their LMS provider will deliver what it has promised. Individuals can eradicate some of this stress by clarifying what it is they want and need from an LMS before they shop for one.

What are people seeking in an LMS? One of the answers to this question is convenience in adding and maintaining users. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Too many companies have invested hard-earned dollars into LMSs that make adding new users difficult. This statement is supported by the fact that, according to a Brandon Hall report, a sizeable percentage of companies that utilize LMSs are dissatisfied with their eLearning platforms. (Despite this, the LMS market is still growing quickly.) Of the companies that were polled in the report, 44 percent want to replace their current LMS. Obviously, many learning management systems available today are missing the mark in several areas, one of which is user management. For a company that wants to grow or is in the midst of a growth spurt, this is particularly problematic.

Can You Easily Manage LMS Roles and Permissions?

LMS customers want to easily manage not just users, but also roles and permissions as they relate to eLearning administrators. There are several types of LMS administrators. For example, there are teachers, instructors, learners, and managers. “Some administrators need a different set of permissions to manage different parts of a learning management system. One user may need several levels of access. Or, you may need to quickly assign roles to hundred of users.” If your LMS doesn’t have the tools that allow you to easily manage users as well as roles and permissions, it may be time to look for a replacement.

There are plenty of eLearning systems out there that are sub-par in the area of user management. However, a few excellent choices do exist. TOPYX LMS is one example of an eLearning platform that is designed to help busy company leaders efficiently manage users as well as roles and permissions.

TOPYX LMS Fosters Effective User Management by Supporting SAML and API Calls   

Not every LMS will make life easier. Some will cause more problems that they’ll solve. This is obviously not what you want. Individuals seeking an LMS that promotes a streamlined approach to user management should try out a FREE demo of a full-featured LMS called TOPYX. TOPYX is an eLearning system that helps customers expertly manage their users. Why? Because, TOPYX LMS supports SAML and a variety of API calls to ensure that the data currently contained in a company’s HRS is mapped seamlessly to its user profile fields. This is why TOPYX is superior in its user management abilities.

In addition to solving the problem of user management, TOPYX also resolves another LMS-related problem: a company’s rising bottom line. Since TOPYX is 100% free of per-user fees, it does only good things for a company’s budget. Also, this robust eLearning platform has role assignment features that further simplify an administrator’s tasks. A simple LMS user import feature that supports .xls and .csv file formats is the key to easy roles and permissions management, and TOPYX has it.

Running a company is hard work; managing LMS users shouldn’t be. Set your company up for success by investing in a social learning management system with tools that make user management a walk in the park.


Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing