LMS, Learning Management System

eLearning Grows Small Businesses

by Jeffrey Roth

Employees are a small business’ most valuable assets. When they are equipped with the right collaboration tools, unprecedented corporate growth is possible. Without a doubt, human capital enables the success of a small business.

Nothing promotes growth quite like collaboration. Small businesses count on the teamwork of a few people to fulfill great demands. Because a number of teams collaborate online more than anywhere else, small businesses need to connect their employees in ways that promote idea generation and communication. eLearning tools provide solutions for small businesses wanting to facilitate employee collaboration. These cost-effective tools can be accessed 24/7 from any location and any device.

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Collaboration is Key to Business Growth

Many business owners are wise to the fact that employees need to connect online to collaborate and generate profitable ideas and innovations. However, they make a mistake when they assume free social networks are sufficient for connecting team members. Social networks may be good at connecting friends and family, but they are not effective at stimulating peer-to-peer collaboration. Usually, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks are best used for business marketing. To establish a strong social network of employees, it is important to use software created for this distinct purpose and avoid overusing social networks.

Business owners seeking solutions for collaboration should consider implementing a sociallearning management system (LMS). Some people mistakenly assume eLearning systems are designed primarily for large businesses. This is not the case. Social learning management systems can benefit a business of any size, be it small, medium or large. Many owners of small businesses find that a social LMS facilitates the collaboration their employees need at an affordable price.

eLearning Encourages Employee Collaboration

Establishing communication channels within a small business is one thing; encouraging employees to use them is another. A social learning management system makes it easy for individuals to utilize social features that encourage collaboration, such as realtime chat, blogs and social profiles. Since increased collaboration equals high productivity, it is vital that employees have access to tools like these. Such features encourage LMS usage by making an eLearning system resemble the social networks that employees seek out.

Common Roadblocks to Collaboration

More than anything, workplace distractions prevent collaboration. In addition to their work-related duties, employees are constantly bombarded with emails, social media notifications and phone calls. A social LMS guards against excessive distraction by keeping all operations (email, social media, phone, etc.) in one online location that can be easily accessed by users.

Another factor that prevents collaboration is employee location. For example, if two employees are part of a team, and one is working from home, the other from the office, it would be difficult for the pair to collaborate. That is, unless an LMS is involved. A social learning management system allows employees to work from remote locations and still have access to each other, training materials and company resources. With an eLearning system, employees can communicate anywhere, anytime, from any device with Internet connection and a Web browser.

The LMS Your Small Business Needs

Employees are the lifeblood of a business. Given opportunities to collaborate and the right atmosphere in which to work, employees can bring about amazing changes. Give your workers everything they need to succeed by implementing a cloud-based LMS, like TOPYX. TOPYX, an award-winning LMS loaded with features like Tin Can API, social learning tools, mobile learning, and learning tools interoperability, is designed to facilitate collaboration.

Your small business needs an LMS just as much as a medium or large business does. Since employee collaboration is key to company growth, small businesses have a more unique need for eLearning than larger companies. Implement a social learning management system to ensure your business won’t stay small for long.