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3 Tips to Make Corporate eLearning Courses More Engaging

by Debbie Williams

In 2014, it was reported that 41.7 percent of Fortune 500 companies utilized eLearning (online learning) technologies.¹ Large companies aren’t the only organizations investing in eLearning; small- and mid-sized companies are, too.² eLearning technologies like learning management systems and mobile learning tools allow organizational leaders to manage training content conveniently, from a central location. They also make it simple for leaders to design eLearning courses that encourage engaged learning.

Companies Spend Big on Training/eLearning

About 60 percent of companies spend around $1000 per employee on training each year.³ Certainly some of this money can be attributed to eLearning expenses. However, since many companies do not track their eLearning-related spending, it is difficult for a source to report with accuracy exactly how much money organizations spend on eLearning yearly. What is known is that a high number of organizations use eLearning technologies, and the cost of these technologies can be considerable. This leaves no doubt that company leaders are investing major finances into eLearning each year, and they hope for a healthy ROI.

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Ineffective Corporate eLearning Courses May Deliver a Poor ROI

Regardless of how much companies are spending on eLearning, one thing is certain: Ineffective corporate online learning courses give companies a bad return on their eLearning investment. This is because boring eLearning courses don’t encourage regular participation in training. Consistent participation is critical to effective training and a good ROI. Employers who want to ensure this must create corporate eLearning courses that promote engaged learning.

4 Tips for Creating Engaging Corporate eLearning Courses

Making eLearning courses fun for employee learners doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort, or eLearning know-how. Here are a few easy ways to elevate your company’s online courses:

  1. Use LMS content authoring tools
    Does your company utilize an LMS? If so, make sure you are taking full advantage of any LMS content authoring tools the system provides. These tools help administrators upload a variety of types of training content to eLearning courses quickly and seamlessly.  
  1. Bring an instructional designer on board
    If your company has not been getting good results from online training courses, maybe it’s time to hire an instructional designer. These professionals specialize in creating content that increases the efficacy of a company’s learning objectives. While it can be pricey to hire an instructional designer, it is often worth the investment.  
  1. Pull training from an LMS course content library
    Some learning management systems offer an eLearning
    course content library. If your company is in the market for an LMS, you may want to put this on your list of non-negotiable eLearning system features. A course content library can be especially helpful to organizations with a low eLearning budget (i.e. companies that can’t afford to hire instructional designers or purchase pre-made content).
  1. Gamify training
    To quickly grab a learner’s attention, gamify training. As a contributor to eLearning Industry stated, “Gamification in eLearning is fast emerging as an effective technique to engage learners.”4 If you’re not sure where to start with gamification, create an interactive, simulation-based, task-oriented gamified course.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing