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Benefits of an LMS for Employees and Administrators.

by Debbie Williams

Employees and corporate training administrators have unique roles. The average employee’s day is spent scrambling to make deadlines and meet the expectations of managers. This is especially true in the post-pandemic business world where employees must be diligent to support digital transformation initiatives. 

The corporate training administrator’s role in the workplace is much different, albeit no less stressful. Those in this position spend their time creating and implementing L&D programs and ensuring employees across the entire organization are up to date with compliance training and given opportunities for continuous learning. 

Employees and corporate training administrators have different responsibilities, but the right online learning platform, such as the learning management system (LMS), can help meet the needs of both learners (employees) and trainers (administrators). 

What Employees and Corporate Training Administrators Want in an LMS

Did you know that almost half of all companies using an online learning system want to replace it? “A study by Brandon Hall Group…found that 44% of companies using an LMS are thinking about replacing them,” eLearning Industry stated.1 “The top-ranking reasons? User Experience and administrative experience.”

That’s clear enough: learners and administrators aren’t having enough good experiences with learning management systems, and they desire a user-friendly system.

What employees and corporate training administrators want in an LMS more than anything is a good user experience. A study revealed that learners are most satisfied with easy-to-use online learning systems that make accessing content simple.2 The same study indicated that trainers/administrators are happiest with LMSs that make curating content easy. 

This desire employees have for simplicity in an online learning system makes sense when you consider how much more complicated many of their tasks are in the wake of the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers have made the switch from working from the office to working from home. They have had to adopt numerous new technologies to manage their daily workflow. An intuitive, easy-to-use remote learning platform lightens their load and ensures corporate training doesn’t monopolize their time.

Corporate training administrators’ jobs have also become more complicated due to the pandemic. Most of them have been responsible for helping entire workforces make the switch from training in person to training from home. Creating, launching, tracking, and reporting on training for a dispersed workforce isn’t an easy task, but an LMS that makes curating and tracking content easier helps. 

Although learners and trainers need different things from an LMS, they share the need for a remote learning system that is easy-to-use. Knowing the characteristics of a user-friendly LMS will help you choose a system that meets the needs of employees and corporate training administrators and get a better ROI. 

What Makes an LMS Easy-to-Use? 

Learners tend to prefer intuitive learning management systems that feature easy-to-access content, whereas trainers prefer learning management systems that make curating content simple. Business owners can have the best of both worlds when they choose an LMS that caters to both learners and trainers.

Wondering what makes an LMS easy-to-use? An LMS that caters to the needs and wants of employees and corporate training administrators: 

1. Makes corporate training content readily available to learners 

Employees having limited access to the resources needed to complete work tasks can diminish productivity and damage a company’s bottom line over time. Through features like mobile learning, an online learning system gives employees easy access to content.

With TOPYX LMS mobile learning functionality, learners can access online learning content on demand, regardless of location or time zone. All a user needs to participate in corporate training is an internet connection and a mobile device.

The benefits of mobile learning include but are not limited to:

  • Greater accessibility for users - Accessible learning paths give users the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.
  • Reasonable costs for companies - There are no added hardware or connectivity charges with mobile learning as most employees already own smartphones or tablets.
  • Increased productivity - Mobile learning provides flexibility and freedom to participate in online learning outside of office hours. This gives employees the ability to increase productivity in other areas of their work.

Mobile learning is just one factor that makes TOPYX LMS simple for learners to engage with and administrators to manage. Get a free LMS demo of TOPYX to learn more. 

2. Makes content easy for administrators to create or purchase  

Corporate training administrators and others who manage employee training need more time in the day to get things done. The right LMS can’t manufacture time, but it can save time by making course content easily curated. 

LMS content management features help administrators create their own content or purchase content through a third party. They can then upload it to the LMS where employees can access it. Often, this is the most cost-effective, efficient option.

3. Offers features for both learners and trainers 

Mobile learning is an LMS feature that makes training easy for learners, but there are many features that are beneficial to learners and trainers. One example is social learning

Robust social functionalities are integral to any LMS solution for companies, enterprises, and organizations and serve strategic business purposes. Social learning can:

  • Accelerate content curation and knowledge sharing/peer-to-peer learning
  • Enhance productivity for remote teams
  • Create sustainable online learning communities
  • Provide ongoing support for both instructors and learners

TOPYX LMS leverages the most comprehensive collaborative social learning capabilities available that encourage learners to be more engaged. Also, LMS social learning allows administrators to monitor user involvement while promoting a more engaged and collaborative online learning experience.

LMS reporting is also helpful to both employees and administrators. It enables administrators to track and report on training, and it allows learners to access report cards, transcripts, and competencies. With TOPYX LMS, administrators can easily navigate reports in their intuitive and customizable dashboard, while at the same time giving learners an inside look at their progress. 

Improve Ease-of-Use by Providing Support for LMS Users and Administrators 

Part of ensuring an LMS is easy-to-use for employees is providing them with ongoing user support. This will help them properly use the LMS and not get frustrated and give up. By creating short video tutorials about how to navigate the LMS dashboard, access report cards and competencies, interact on social forums, and more, administrators can set learners up for success. 

Making video tutorials available via mobile device will increase the chances that learners will watch them. Having a team available to answer users’ questions promptly, via email or real-time chat, is also helpful.

It’s equally important that administrators can easily navigate an LMS. Robust customer support from the LMS provider enables administrators to successfully utilize an LMS. eLearning Industry3 stated, 

“An LMS that's easy to use comes with support that's easy to find…. The vendor's support team should be clued up on all of the LMS's features and functionalities, as well as customer training offered by the company.”

TOPYX LMS offers dedicated customer support teams for clients and can help administrators every step of the way in launching the LMS and deploying remote, hybrid, or in-person training. 

TOPYX LMS is Ideal for Learners as Well as Corporate Training Administrators 

Looking for an intuitive, user-friendly LMS that is equipped with LMS features like reporting, mobile learning, social learning, integrations, content management, certifications, and more? If so, TOPYX LMS is for you. Becca Seymour, Associate Director, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, said, 

"TOPYX allows us to deliver a turnkey, customizable educational solution. It’s helping us get our messaging in front of audiences we might not have been able to reach previously, including the next generation of supply chain and culinary professionals who are going to be using beef."

Claire Schultz, Manager of Program Development and Systems, Lemonade Day, also praised TOPYX:

"The biggest advantage of using TOPYX is the insight we now have to the participant’s progress, which we could never have had before. That and the fact that there was no per-learner fee, which allowed us to scale nationally and internationally.”

Take a look at the Lemonade Day Case Study to learn more. 

Ready to deliver effective online learning to your workforce? Request a free LMS demo of TOPYX to launch an LMS solution that is beneficial for both learners and trainers. 


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing