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Appeal to Generation Y Employees with eLearning

by Jeffrey Roth


Say what you will about Generation Y, but this coming-of-age population certainly knows how to make the most of technology.

Many people discount 20-somethings as being liabilities, not assets, to companies. They assume these individuals don’t possess the work ethic needed to add value to a workplace. If this has been your mindset, think again – with their technological expertise, young professionals can bring a lot to an organization’s table.

The young working class knows more about technology than just about any other demographic. After all, they grew up with the Internet and were among the first to adopt smartphones. Because of all they can offer businesses in the way of technological support/prowess, it is important to learn how to engage and retain Generation Y employees.

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Keep Your Generation Y Employees Thriving with eLearning

Do you have a considerable amount of Generation Y employees? Do you ever wonder how you can keep them satisfied, challenged and dedicated to your organization? We have the answer: you will best engage Generation Y employees with an eLearning system.

It’s vital that Generation Y employees have access to a learning management system (LMS). Why? Because an LMS incorporates everything they know and love (social software, mobile devices, etc.) with the tools they need to remain productive and challenged (web conferencing, group chats, training programs, certification tests, and more).


How an LMS Equips Generation Y

There are several specific ways an eLearning system can equip employees from Generation Y. For example, an eLearning system…

Provides Efficient Software – You won’t impress Generation Y with old-school hardware, blended learning and onsite operation systems. Trade in clunky, inefficient software and hardware for a cloud-based LMS that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from any device with Internet access. Your young employees can use their prized smart phones and tablets to access a cloud-based social learning management system. Furthermore, they will enjoy checking their training assignments, work schedules and social profiles on a cloud-based LMS.

Facilitates Social ConnectionA LifeCourse Associates Study revealed that nearly 70 percent of Generation Y employees like to “socialize informally and make new friends while at work.” This number is 10 percent higher than that of Generation X and 14 percent higher than that of the Baby Boomer generation. These statistics are telling of how greatly Generation Y desires informal connection. An eLearning system can meet this need by allowing employees to correspond professionally via personalized social profiles.

Fosters Engaging Training – There is no faster way to lose valuable Generation Y employees than by performing boring, in-person training. Such employees have a natural understanding that traditional, classroom-style training wastes money and time. An eLearning system enables organizational leaders to make a seamless transition to online learning, which lowers costs and increases employee engagement and learning comprehension. One of the best decisions an employer can make is to transition from in-person training to online training via an eLearning system.


A Social LMS Benefits ALL Employees

While it’s true that a learning management system will help you retain and engage Generation Y employees, it’s equally true that an eLearning system will benefit ALL of your employees. Engaging training, social connection and efficient software are things that every employee desires to a different degree, and an LMS provides all this and more. Also, as the business world becomes more and more dependent on technology, employees, regardless of age or affinity for technology, must necessarily become more tech savvy. A cloud-based LMS offers this opportunity to each and every one of your employees – not just those from Generation Y.

Looking for an LMS that will appeal to all generations? Interested in trying out an eLearning system that fosters social connection, online training and easy-to-use software? TOPYX is an award-winning eLearning system that has put thousands of customers on the technological cutting edge. All of your employees—especially those from Generation Y—will thank you for choosing TOPYX.


Not long from now, Generation Y will compose the majority of the business world. Equipping this generation with the technology it needs and wants is the ideal way to ensure thriving businesses, today and in the future.