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5 LMS Ideas to Try this Week

by Debbie Williams


Have you been searching for a few learning management system (LMS) ideas creative enough to renew your employees’ interest in online learning/training? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that LMS-based training can become monotonous if not switched up every now and then. LMS ideas that are engaging stir up a passion for learning, even if the learning is centered on subjects like customer service or safety procedures. Read on to find LMS ideas that will breathe life into the current ways your employees are utilizing your company’s LMS.

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5 LMS Ideas to Implement this Week

  • Adopt a single sign-on login process – Do you ever wonder why your employees don’t log into your company’s LMS more often? It may be because the login process is too complicated. The average person won’t “waste time” on a multi sign-on login procedure. Most people access their phones instantaneously, and they do this dozens of times per day. Dailymail.com stated, “The average person checks their phone 110 times a day (and up to every 6 seconds in the evening).” Our brains have become addicted to accessing data without the hassle of logging into a platform. There has to be some type of LMS login process, but make sure it is a single sign-on procedure. LMS ideas like this will drastically increase the chances that your company’s learning management system and training materials will get accessed more often.
  • Make using the LMS more fun – Let’s face it: we all avoid tasks that are not enjoyable. This is especially true for work/training-related tasks. One of the most efficient LMS ideas employers can adopt is to gamify LMS content. Our article How to Make Training Fun with an LMS says, “The word ‘games’ is essentially synonymous with ‘fun.’ There’s no quicker way to engage your employees than by integrating games into their training process via an LMS. According to eLearning Industry, ‘Games are often more effective for learning than traditional training approaches.’ eLearning systems prove that gaming isn’t an adolescent pastime, but a valuable experience that fosters learning in the workplace.” If for some reason you are unable to gamify eLearning content, add more video-based learning to your employees’ training protocol. Remember, LMS ideas that make using an eLearning platform fun will powerfully shift the learning culture in your workplace.
  • Ensure LMS content is accessible – While it’s important for LMS content to be visually appealing, you don’t want to run the risk of over-designing it. This can decrease the overall level of readability and deter people from interacting with the platform. Every employee needs to be able to easily read LMS content, and that includes those who have low vision as well as individuals who are easily distracted by excess visual stimulation. One of the best LMS ideas you can implement is to make your company’s learning management system content as readable as possible. Producing accessible materials for print and online is a free Web-based resource that can help administrators ensure LMS content is accessible to all employees.
  • Market your LMS courses – One reason why employees aren’t taking more of the courses your company offers via LMS is that the courses aren’t properly marketed. If you put any of the LMS ideas mentioned here into practice, let it be this one: market your online courses by promoting the courses within your LMS. How? By creating marketing emails and newsletters that are beautiful to behold and easy to read. (Check out the resource mentioned in the above paragraph to discover ways to make your LMS content more scannable.)
  • Fully utilize your LMS’s social learning tools – Many social learning management systems used in corporate settings have built-in social learning tools. However, not all of these tools gets utilized. One of the most effective LMS ideas to put into practice involves making good use of every social learning tool your company’s LMS has to offer. Typical social learning tools include bios, customized schedules and alerts, access to social media (via the LMS) for professional purposes, realtime chat, screen sharing, and more. Administrators shouldn’t underestimate these features, because they can get employees consistently using an eLearning system. This is one of the most useful LMS ideas you’ll find.

In the same way that no one likes having the same thing for dinner every night, no employee likes LMS usage to become monotonous and too predictable. That’s why employers should always be searching for LMS ideas that encourage employees to interact more regularly and naturally with a social learning management system. LMS ideas like adopting a single sign-on login process, making an LMS more fun to use via gamification, ensuring LMS content is accessible, marketing LMS courses, and fully utilizing social learning tools will encourage your employees to use a social learning platform and ensure that they enjoy doing so.

What are some LMS ideas that have proven useful for your company in the past?

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing