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3 Signs Your Employees are Yearning for More Learning (And How to Provide It)

by Debbie Williams

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Eighty-six percent of employees value training and development, and seventy-four percent of workers are willing to spend time learning outside of work for the sole purpose of improving their performance on the job, according to SurveyMonkey. Despite this, many employees are not receiving the learning and training they want. A contributor to SurveyMonkey wrote, “Only 52% of employees think their employer provides the right amount of training.”

Do your workers have an unmet need or desire for employee training? If so, they may not verbally express it, but you will likely see it indicated in other ways. For example, when training is lacking, employee engagement may suffer. Read on to find some additional signs that your employees want more or better training opportunities.

Do Your Workers Want More Training?
These Signs Say “Yes”

Here are a few signs that your employees may not be receiving the training they desire:

1. Employee turnover is increasing

Employee turnover is sometimes linked to a lack of training. Without proper training, employee job performance suffers, employee satisfaction and moral declines, and turnover increases. LinkedIn reported that 94 percent of employees said they would stay at a company longer that provided them with sufficient training. This implies that these same workers might leave a company prematurely if the training it offered was unsatisfactory.

2. Employees aren’t being promoted

If your company has a difficult time finding staff to promote, it could be because employees aren’t receiving sufficient training. Employees may opt to stay in an entry-level position indefinitely, but many workers want to move up the corporate ladder. However, without continuous learning, they may not be able to reach their career goals.

3. Team performance is suffering

One of the most obvious signs that employees want and need more training is diminished team performance. When training is insufficient, employees go without the skills they need most. When employees are stuck at their current skill level, they are unable to meet all of the demands of their job. As a result, their productivity is dampened.

Have you noticed an increase in staff churn, a lack of promotion and internal hiring, and poor team performance? If so, it’s likely that your employees are yearning for more learning.

How to Provide Your Staff with Additional Training Opportunities

There are several ways to give workers the corporate learning opportunities they want. One is to invest in an online employee training platform that allows you to create and deliver courses that will interest your employees and impart the skills they need to succeed at work. A couple of online learning platform options include a learning management system (LMS) and a learning experience platform (LXP). Keep in mind that some LMSs function as LXPs and can give you the best of both worlds in one platform. 

Pairing your top performers with new hires to create mentorships is another way to provide more training opportunities to your employees. Within mentor-mentee relationships, questions can get answered at a deeper level to drive skills acquisition. Also, job shadowing opportunities promote hands-on learning for staff. While job shadowing isn’t as personal as mentorship, it helps to upskill employees and fulfill their desire for more training.

Are Your Employees Satisfied with the Training Your Company Provides?

Insufficient or inadequate training can be a major source of employee dissatisfaction. By providing the training opportunities that your workers want and need, you can help improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity, and even lower business costs. Fostering mentor-mentee relationships, offering job shadowing opportunities, and implementing an online learning platform can help your company deliver more and higher-quality employee training. 

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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