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3 Signs You Need A New LMS

by Debbie Williams

Several unmistakable signs indicate it might be time to reevaluate your current learning management system (LMS). Migrating to a different LMS can ultimately lead to an increase in employee retention, worker satisfaction, and workforce productivity.

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Not Every Learning Management System is Created Equal

Individual LMS providers build their products differently and no two systems are the same. While many think any LMS will effectively train employees, nothing could be further from the truth. Why? Because, not every LMS is created equal. Only certain learning management systems have the capabilities required to meet company training needs. Staying with an ineffective learning management system out of comfort or convenience is backwards and can set organizations back in the long run.

If you are questioning whether your company should invest in a different LMS system, pay attention to the following signs:

1. Your current LMS rarely gets used

Conduct a survey to determine how engaged your workers are with the company LMS. In order to receive honest feedback, communicate to employees that all responses will be confidential. If LMS engagement is low and you have taken adequate measures in the past to improve participation, your current LMS might not be functional to your workforce anymore.

2. Your current LMS isn’t compatible with mobile devices

These days, convenience is king and people use their mobile devices for everything. To encourage mobile engagement, 36% of enterprises in the United States now allow employees to BYOD (bring your own device), a number that is expected to increase to about 50% of the market by the end of 2017. In addition, more than 67% of workers use their own devices throughout the day at work - a number that will also increase by 2018. 1

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Having access to personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops throughout the day creates an open and efficient environment that is beneficial to both parties. Without a doubt, the #1 way to discourage LMS engagement is to maintain an eLearning platform that isn’t compatible with mobile devices. If your organization’s LMS can’t be accessed via mobile device, a change is in order.

3. Your current LMS offers one-size-fits-all training experiences

These days, most LMS creators design eLearning platforms to be customizable. They understand that different learning needs are necessary for various organizations. Can the learning experience your company LMS offers be individualized? If not, that’s a red flag. Juliette Denny, contributor to the eLearning Industry blog, noted,

in the last few years, personalization has become an essential element in any learning initiative. If you shop around, you’ll find a whole world of amazing personalization features out there. Every learner can change their profile picture, update their details, or add an introductory blurb about themselves.”2

A personalized and customizable system is the type of LMS employees will regularly interact with.

Find the Perfect LMS for Your Company

If you’ve recognized any of the above signs in your current LMS provider, it might be time to make a change.  

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

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