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News-Press: TOPYX software surpasses 10 million users

by Jeffrey Roth

Written by Christina Cepero
12:50 PM, Oct. 9, 2012

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Bonita Springs-based Interactyx Limited is excited to announce that clients of its eLearning TOPYX software have more than 10 million users who can access learning materials and collaboration tools every day throughout the world.

Launched in 2009, TOPYX is an award-winning social learning management system that engages learners and provides collaborative learning environments for businesses, associations and eCommerce needs for any size organization.

Built with providing the learner with a more engaged eLearning experience as its primary goal, TOPYX incorporates social learning with a feature rich learning management system functionality. TOPYX’s popularity reflects the easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface to support peer-to-peer learning wherever the learner may be around the world. TOPYX is available in most languages as well.

“We believe the secret for eLearning to realize its potential is to better engage the learner," said Interactyx Limited CEO Alfred R. Novas. "We developed TOPYX to not only be a best of breed eLearning portal in terms of incorporating social learning with a full featured learning management system, but wanted to create a compelling value proposition so that the entire client’s organization can benefit from the TOPYX platform. Because of TOPYX’s unique offering of unlimited users and usage for a low subscription fee, it has allowed many of our clients to provide award-winning social learning features to all of their employees or members without the prohibitive costs for licenses or seats that is commonplace in the industry. We believe in social learning, and believe in the benefits of being able to learn from each other, while delivering an outstanding ROI.

“We are proud that in less than four years we surpassed such an impressive milestone. Our dedicated team that develops our software and supports our clients’ 10 million learners are excited as well. Most importantly, we are gratified that our clients provide us the opportunity to engage their learners to through the TOPYX platform, every day, all over the world.”

TOPYX was recently voted 2012’s Best Social Learning Solution by Elearning! Media Group; TOPYX is a Best of Elearning! award-winner for the fourth consecutive year. TOPYX was also recognized by the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership as the winner of the fourth annual technology awards for innovation. Other recent awards include: Brandon Hall Group’s acknowledgment of multi-gold medal awards winner for Excellence in Technology and named by Chief Learning Officer magazine one of the top learning management systems to watch.