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4 LMS Add-Ons You Need to Know About

by Debbie Williams

An LMS is designed to drive employee training and help companies reach their business goals. But not all LMS systems reach their goals. Sometimes, the problem is with the system itself - you may not have the right software to meet your business goals. It’s a common problem that arises when companies don’t match business goals to platform features and capabilities during research and selection. But that’s not always the case.

If you did your due diligence during the research and selection phrase and your learning management system is still under-delivering, the platform itself might not be to blame. Sometimes, all a learning management system needs are a few LMS add-ons, or plug-ins, to deliver the results a company needs most.  

“(Customers use) plug-ins to enhance their Learning Management System platform to make it their own.” -- eLearning Industry1

Personalize Your eLearning System with These 4 LMS Add-Ons

LMS add-ons can help tailor a learning management system to your organization and help you meet very specific business needs. Here are a few plug-ins that can benefit your company and optimize your LMS and the goals they accomplish:

1. eCommerce -- Many companies are looking for ways to not only improve employee training, but also  increase revenue. An LMS can help in this arena through online sales of eLearning courses. If your company plans to increase revenue through sales of its online training courses, an eCommerce LMS add-on is a must. eCommerce enables you to:

  • Market courses
  • Sell admission to training events
  • Attach surveys to courses for sale
  • Group courses together
  • Track attendance and certification.

It also helps companies increase sales through customer training. Companies that sell or even offer free customer training courses are better able to reach their target markets, connect with customers, share information, and improve the customer experience.

An eCommerce engine is the ideal LMS add-on for organizations wanting to capitalize on their eLearning courses or reach their sales goals. Associations can use eCommerce in similar ways, selling professional development courses to upsell members and increase their lifetime value.These 4 LMS add-ons will increase the effectiveness of your learning management system.

2. Language customization -- In today’s global workforce, many companies need a learning management system that can be deployed in a variety of major languages. You can convert your platform into a multi-language eLearning system by choosing a language customization LMS add-on, if your system provider offers it.

Language customization is helpful in ensuring all employees are on the same page with training. It also ensures workers are able to communicate and collaborate with peers.

Language customization add-ons are ideal for global companies that are struggling to get employees to engage with their training. By adding language localization, you can increase your LMS’s reach and ensure that all your employees are receiving the same training materials in the most accessible way possible.

3. BigBlueButton -- Collaboration is crucial to a company’s success. “One of the primary factors that contribute to the productivity and success of any organization is whether or not the organization can perform well as a team,” wrote a contributor to Improve Consulting and Training Group.2

Administrators interested in creating collaborative eLearning environments and workplaces may find BigBlueButton, a web conferencing system plug-in, to be advantageous. eLearning Industry stated,

“BigBlueButton is software that allows instructors to create a virtual classroom environment complete with a chalkboard, video capabilities, and even giving the instructor the option of allowing a student to teach a portion of the class. It’s a virtual live recording studio to enhance a student’s remote learning.”3  

Giving learners the opportunity to occasionally teach promotes leadership skills and peer-to-peer learning, increasing collaboration and organizational success.

While BigBlueButton is primarily used by educators, it can also benefit corporations that want to supplement online learning communities and other collaboration tools.  

4. LRS -- An LRS, or learning record store, is an LMS add-on designed for organizations that need to closely track many types of learning experiences. These learning experiences can include “capturing real world activities, actions completed in mobile apps, or even job performance. Data from these experiences is stored in the LRS and can be shared with other systems that offer advanced reporting or support adaptive learning experiences.”

In other words, an LRS add-on stores xAPI statements and makes them available to administrators.

Employees rarely interact with your training materials only through your LMS. Combining data from activities within your LMS with employee activities outside the LMS gives your company a more complete view of how employees are engaging with your material and how effective your programs are. Of all the add-ons on this list, LRS is the most impactful for reporting and improving employee training programs because it gives you a full view of how your efforts are engaging employees.

What Extras Does Your LMS Need?

Is your learning management system failing to deliver the results your company needs? Before you switch to a new platform, analyze if you're using your learning platform to it's potential. LMS add-ons have the potential to increase sales, eliminate language barriers among employees, increase staff collaboration, and take learning-experience tracking to a whole new level. 

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing