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3 Ways an LXP Simplifies Employee Training

by Debbie Williams

An increasing number of companies are implementing learning experience platforms (LXPs) to train their employees. An LXP not only delivers and manages training, but it also helps learners discover new learning opportunities. It also encourages collaborative learning, such as knowledge sharing, and can make employee training simpler than ever.

When used correctly, a learning experience platform is a useful tool for simplifying employee training for those who administer it and those who participate in it.

How a Learning Experience Platform Makes Employee Training Easier for Administrators and Learners

 Looking for some ways to make employee training simpler? Try these learning experience platform tips. 1. An LXP offers learners access to a variety of technologies through a single touchpoint 

Centralized learning is a relatively new concept. In the past, employees were relegated to training in a classroom or on the job. Learning technologies such as the LXP have changed that, giving learners access to a variety of learning technologies stored in one centralized location, through API integrations.

The LXP, as a single touchpoint, is a learner’s gateway into an individualized, simplified training experience that better meets their needs.

2. An LXP helps administrators create a better UX for learners

When engagement with an online employee training program is low, poor UX is often one of the culprits as it makes training difficult to regularly participate in. A learning experience platform helps L&D team members improve the user experience and raise the quality of training by creating a user-friendly interface that includes learning content like blog posts, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, online learning courses, and other curated resources.

One way a learning experience platform enables administrators to create interfaces that are more effective and compelling is through curation capabilities. With a clean LXP interface and valuable learning content awaiting them, employees are more likely to engage with training and promote a better ROI for their company’s training investment.

3. An LXP keeps employees and administrators informed about learner progress

A great employee training program is simple for administrators and learners. Learning experience platforms make administrators’ jobs simpler by helping them track the progress of learners by supporting data export. The data can be used with analytics tools to give company leaders insight into how well users are adopting the LXP and making progress on their learning path.

In addition to helping keep administrators in the know about learner progress, learning experience platforms help employees keep tabs on their personal training progress.

“Employees can see what training is past due, what is due soon, what is in progress, and browse through curated top picks, Cornerstone stated.1“A central dashboard shows them how many courses they have completed, how many learning badges they've earned, and how many hours they've spent on courses. This reporting feature provides easy benchmarks for filling out their training timesheets if required.”

The Top Indicator Your Employee Training Program is Too Complicated

There are several ways to determine whether or not your company’s employee training program is too complex, but the key indicator is a lack of engagement. If employees are not regularly taking part in training, the program may be overly complicated, confusing, or disorganized. An LXP can simplify the training your organization offers.

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1. https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/resources/articles/3-benefits-learning-experience-platform-lxp

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing