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3 Types of Learners Who Love the Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

by Debbie Williams

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The learning experience platform (LXP), one of the hottest new learning technologies currently on the market, is an online platform that delivers a personalized learning experience to employees. Because it has the functionality to provide highly personalized training, it appeals to a wide variety of individuals of differing learning styles. The LXP’s ability to meet the needs of many learners is one of the main reasons organizations should consider implementing it. 

Which of Your Employees Will Best Adopt the Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

Wondering which of your employees would prefer the learning experience platform over other online learning technologies? Here are three types of learners who will love the LXP: 

1. “The free spirit”

Free spirits tend to get a bad rap in the workplace. Because they crave freedom in learning and new learning experiences, they may be seen as being flighty. This is not necessarily true. When offered training technology that meets their learning needs, free spirits can truly flourish during the training process. 

There are a couple of reasons why the LXP is a perfect fit for the free spirit. First, it promotes unstructured learning by focusing more on the process rather than the learning path. It gives employees control over their learning experience, allowing them to choose training segments that interest them most. Also, the LXP provides different types of training, such as videos, podcasts, animations, long-form articles, eBooks, and more. Because it gives them the liberty to direct their training while providing fresh training content, your free spirits will happily adopt the LXP.

2. “The social butterfly”

Every workplace has employees who are unmistakably the life of the party. These individuals make mundane tasks fun and love to interact with others. As a result, they naturally foster collaborative learning, just by being themselves. 

When it comes to learning, social butterflies are drawn to training platforms that are highly social and collaborative. They often want to share their hard-earned knowledge freely with their peers via the platform. A learning experience platform acts as a content aggregator while providing learners the opportunity to share eLearning content, although the extent of learner content creation is monitored by administrators. Because it promotes collaborative learning and makes knowledge sharing easy, the LXP is perfect for your social butterflies. 

3. “The laid-back learner”

Do you have any employees who seem to avoid training? If so, you may have some laid-back learners on your hands. These learners may not be enthusiastic about training, but it doesn’t mean they can’t make great students. It simply means they don’t desire an overly active role in training. Although they may want some say in the experience, they are more apt to seek training direction from an administrator or, in the case of an LXP, the training platform itself. 

An LXP is one of the best training platforms for a laid-back learner due to the simple fact that it offers recommendations based on the learner’s past completions. An LXP presents “content in a ‘Netflix-like’ interface, with recommendations, panels, mobile interfaces, and AI-driven recommendations,” explained Josh Bersin1. Employees can simply select one of the training recommendations made by the LXP and start learning. This capability will appeal to learners who prefer to take a passive role in their training journey.

An LXP’s Versatility Drives Learner Engagement 

An LXP is highly versatile, appealing to many different types of learners. Because 79% of employees prefer web resources for learning and 87% of workers would choose a shared learning format, per HR Technologist, the LXP will drive engagement and increase learner satisfaction2. Whether an employee is a free spirit, a social butterfly, or a laid-back learner, a learning experience platform can meet their learning needs and give them a personalized learning experience to remember.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing