What to Look for in an LMS?

“TOPYX provides our employees and our 1.2 million volunteer base with a learning environment that supports multi-languages and media formats, a community feature where learners can engage with one another, social media tools… TOPYX offers a great value at an affordable price and the customer service can’t be beat.”
Ryan Round
Leadership Education & Training Division, Rotary International

What to Look for in an LMS

With so many LMS options on the market, what specifically should you focus on in evaluating your choices? First and foremost your expanded learning and development team needs to have a basic understanding of the unique needs and goals of your organization. In these discussions, it's important to not only look at the current landscape but to project 3-5 years in the future and anticipate how your needs could alter. 

Changing LMS providers, while sometimes necessary, takes time and energy that can be saved by anticipating these future needs and finding a solution that works for now and later. One option for companies that expect to grow is to find an online learning platform that doesn't charge a per learner fee.


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pexels-photo-955447 (1)Unlimited Users. Unlimited Growth.

The TOPYX® online learning platform encourages your organization to grow your learner base with a flat-fee pricing structure. With TOPYX, you can create custom learning paths that allow organizations to train different learners on different courses within the same platform. No matter how many new learners you need to train, you will know the total-cost-of-ownership upfront. With TOPYX:

  • Never pay a per-learner fee. Upfront flat-fee pricing for your account no matter how many learners you add.

  • Know your total cost-of-ownership with an easy to understand pricing structure that promotes growth.

  • Invest in the online learning platform that suits your current and future needs. No need to change platforms with an LMS that is built to scale with you.