TOPYX Service Level Agreement

Let’s Discuss the Details

- TOPYX is a fully hosted application on Rackspace.
- A high-speed Internet connection is recommended along with a current browser (i.e.Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari).
- As web technologies change and browsers update, this list may change as well
- New software versions including but not limited to: browsers, SCORM course authoring,mobile and office tools are supported within 120 days of vendor release if possible
- If vendor support is discontinued for platforms or versions TOPYX will follow suit andreasonable notice will be provided to clients
- TOPYX is accessible from many different devices – we no longer have specific systemrequirements
- No additional software is required to use TOPYX
- As your needs expand, your client service manager and possibly software development will work with you to ensure a smooth process. TOPYX has no limit to users and there are no necessary arrangements that need to happen to accommodate growth. If you wish to integrate to other systems this needs to be assessed, quoted and scheduled.


Our Support Includes:

- Platform support
- Full managed supportDedicated support team
- 24x7x365 live support & expertise
- Immediate response to emergency support tickets


Data centers

- Staffed only with certified security and networking teams. World-class data centers
- Secured by keycards, biometric scanning andconstant surveillance AllHVAC systems N+1 redundant
- Conditioned power provides all servers with uninterrupted power supply State-of-the-Art Fire Suppression System
- Fully redundant, enterprise-class routing equipment
- Servers with a 99.9% uptime (outside of scheduled maintenance)


Tier-1 Network

- High performance bandwidth only
- Network solely dedicated to IT hosting, No telecom services Constant network monitoring for latencies and intrusion
- Proactive network management methodology improves network topology and configuration continuously


Physical Security

- Data center access limited to Rackspace datacenter techniciansBiometric scanning for controlled data center access
- Security camera monitoring at all data center locations
- 24x7 onsite staff provides additional protection against unauthorized entryUnmarked facilities to help maintain low profile
- Physical security audited by an independent firm


System Security

- System installation using hardened, patched OS
- System patching configured by Rackspace to provide ongoing protection from exploitsDedicated firewall and VPN services to help block unauthorized system access
- Data protection with Rackspace managed backup solutions
- Dedicated intrusion detection devices to provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorized system access
- Distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation services based on Rackspace PrevenTier™ system
- Risk assessment and security consultation by Rackspace professional services teams


Operational Security

- ISO17799-based policies and procedures, regularly reviewed as part of our SAS70 TypeII audit process
- All employees trained on documented information security and privacy procedures Access to confidential information restricted to authorized personnel only, according to documented processes
- Systems access logged and tracked for auditing purposes
- Secure document-destruction policies for all sensitive information Fully documented change-management procedures
- Independently audited disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place for Rackspace headquarters and support services


Operational Security – Client’s Application Environment

- Best practices used in the random generation of initial passwords
- All data encrypted during transmission and while in storage at RackspaceSecure media handling and destruction procedures for all client data
- Installed Web Application Firewall (WAF) Pre-release security scans performed
- Help available from Rackspace in configuring system logging to create a system audit trail. Rackspace Security Services can provide guidance in developing security processes for compliance programs.



- Built upon a hardened, purpose-built operating system for security services, our firewalls provide the highest level of security and have earned many industry accolades including ICSA Firewall and IPsec certification and Common Criteria EAL4 evaluation status.

Our Support Schedule

Support shall be as specified below. These terms are subject to change in the reasonable discretion ofInteractyx after informing Client.



Business Hours mean 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET in the United States of America,Monday through Friday, except public holidays, at the local Interactyx office.

Client Support means software, applications or data assistance and remote support.Emergency means an issue that is time critical, materially impairs the use of software and isessential to the operation of client’s business.

Issue means a query regarding, or user-identified concern about, software, applications or data.General Support means access to the client web site, general notifications, advisories, and similarservices.

Error means an error in that significantly impairs such service as compared to the Interactyxpublished product documentation.

Fix means the repair or replacement of object or executable code versions of a service to remedy an Error.

Task means a configuration, data request or other task that requires support from Development or IT Teams.


Support Provided

Client shall provide name(s) of the authorized contact(s) to Interactyx. Interactyx provides Client Support during Business Hours. Outside Business Hours, Client Support will be provided for an Emergency only.

Client Support is available to record Issues, explain the functions and features of software and clarify the contents of documentation.

Client end users may access role specific TOPYX “UserGuides” including new release guides located on your TOPYX site via the “help” link

Remote Access

To allow Interactyx to assess Issues in the Software, Client shall use reasonable efforts to permit

Interactyx remote access to Client’s systems.



Support is terminated when the relevant subscription expires or is terminated.


Client Responsibility

Client is responsible for providing sufficient information and data to allow Interactyx to readilyreproduce all reported Issues/Errors. If Interactyx believes that a problem reported by the client maynot be due to an Error, Interactyx will so notify client.

Client is responsible for logging issues in Basecamp where a Client Services Manager will respond. 


Severity Level Definitions and Target Times *


Severity Levels


Severity 1: High

Initial Response: 1 Hour

Target Resolution: up to 8 Hours

 TOPYX application is down or not able to be accessed by end user; critical software problem with a very high impact on day-to-day use.


Within the first four business hours, Interactyx will document and commence recreation and resolution of the problem.


Interactyx will assign a TOPYX representative to oversee and report on all corrective action activities; and will initially notify client of problem resolution status and will report on the status thereafter until resolved.


System is not accessible to any users.


Critical tools needed for normal operation are notusable. Critical data is not accessible.

Backup failure of mission critical application.

Severity 2: Medium

Initial Response: 8 Hours Target Resolution: 72 Hours


Servers are up and running yet users are unable toaccess entire sections of TOPYX, no alternatives forproblem resolution.


Interactyx shall provide a Fix as soon as an Error has been identified and the appropriate Fix developed.


Problem is not necessarily serious in nature but has a significant impact on some users.


Presence of the problem prevents a particular tool or function from working and there are no alternatives to achieve the desired end result.

Severity 3: Low

Initial Response: 24 Hours


All major sections are working, and the installation isup and running. There are minor issues with little to noimpact on the usability of the production system as awhole.


Informational requests about the system, end userinstructions, feature requests and general inquiriesare considered low in severity.


Minor issue modifications will be addressed ina subsequent TOPYX release.


Problem is not serious by nature, no data loss Overall system has not failed

Unexpected results within routine tool or function and not significantly affecting use of the system.

Minor questions on usability, informational requests about the platform or feature requests.


Initial Response: 24 Hours

Resolution: 10 Business Days


All systems operating normally,  no issues.

Minor updates and requests, that a CSM cannot perform without support from the development/deployment or IT teams.


Task ticket to be completed by the development/deployment team.


Tasks could be configuration changes, branding updates, data requests, etc.


Up to 5 task tickets per subscription year. Additional task tickets will be billable as either Admin Service Hours or specific SOW’s

* Applicable to live instances only.