SCORM-Compliant LMS

Choosing a SCORM-Compliant LMS is essential for business success


SCORM stands for "shareable content object reference model” and is a technical standard for eLearning systems. These measures render an LMS compatible with other types of eLearning software. 

Some learning management systems are just SCORM compliant - not certified.  The TOPYX® LMS is SCORM certified, ensuring that you have the right tools and code in place to ensure that your valuable learning materials are hosted and deployed the right way. 

Investing in a SCORM compliant LMS increases interoperability with eLearning content and software. Other benefits that are included are: 

  • Helps instructional designers make eLearning content more engaging
  • Smoothly transitions eLearning content to an LMS
  • Reduces the cost of integrating content with a learning management system


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TOPYX LMS certifications:


 ADL’s Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM®) 2004 (3rd edition) Learning Management System Certification

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