LMS Features Comparison

The right LMS is built with features that keep the learner and administratior in mind.

Ensuring that you are getting the most value out of an LMS means understanding your options and what is important to you.  Peforming an LMS features comparison is a helpful tool when considering your options.  When performing an LMS features comparison, it's important to keep these things in mind:

  • Administrative Features.  The userface should allow administrators to customize the look and feel, create course content andlearning paths,and easyto navigate.
  • Social Learning Tools.  Your online workspace should allow for a collaborative online learning community that fosters growth.
  • LMS Features ComparisonMobile Learning.  Learning content should be optimized for any mobile device or tablet.  Companies adopting and supporting technologies that employees use frequently have a higher success rate in delivering successful learning programs.
  • Customize Learning Paths.  Your users have unique learning needs, so you need to provide them with unique paths to successful learning.  
  • Multi-Language Packages.  Cater to a wide audience with an LMS that allows for learning in many languages.  
  • Reporting.  Being able to easily pull data on user activity and performance is a necessity to be able to identify gaps to focus attention towards.
  • SCORM Certified .  Your LMS should be SCORM certified so that you know your investment will meet the long-term needs of your users.

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