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3 Benefits of Social Learning for Enterprises

by Debbie Williams

In 2014, the Brandon Hall Group reported that 73 percent of enterprises involved in a survey had plans of increasing their focus on social learning over the next 12 months.¹ The leaders of these enterprises were probably aware of the ways in which social learning can benefit an organization.  Because it is so beneficial for enterprises, growth-minded company leaders should make social learning a priority.

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3 Ways Social Learning Benefits Enterprises

Social learning is informal learning that takes place through social interaction between peers.² This happens naturally in the workplace but is further encouraged by social learning tools. There is a host of benefits associated with social learning in the workplace.

  1. Social learning shortens orientation time for new hires -- It can take a considerable amount of time for someone to adapt to a new work situation. U.S. News said it takes about 3 to 6 months for an employee to feel fully comfortable with a new job. Social learning can speed up this process.³
  1. Social learning promotes constructivism -- In our blog article Why We Love Social Learning (and You Should, Too!), we explained that social/informal learning promotes constructivism in the workplace. Constructivism is a paradigm that suggests learning is an active, constructive process in which learners become teachers. The result of constructivism is a workforce full of individuals who become engaged with training as a result of informally training their peers.  

“In the corporate world, constructivism is the antidote to boredom and the solution for disengaged workers. When a learner is engaged to the point of being a teacher to his or her peers, complacency ceases to be an issue.” -- TOPYX

  1. Social learning platforms improve communication in the workplace -- Clear communication should be happening in every workplace. Meanings can easily get lost in translation over email and other forms of electronic communication, increasing the need for face-to-face interactions. Social learning naturally facilitates such collaboration. Growth Engineering made a good point:

The very act of coming together collectively to learn something can kick-start a culture more focused on effective communication. Just like the other side-effects of social learning, the boost in understanding is completely free!”5

Since better communication can lead to increased productivity, leaders of enterprises would do well to prioritize social learning.    

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Promote Social Learning with an LMS

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Is Your Company “Social” Enough?

Social learning benefits enterprises by...

  • Getting new employees acclimated to a workplace more quickly.
  • Promoting constructivism, turning learners into teachers.
  • Improving communication in the workplace, increasing productivity.

Which of these benefits does your company need most?   


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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Director, Marketing