LMS for Nonprofits

Spend more time and money on your mission by deploying the right LMS to help you achieve your goals without breaking your budget. The TOPYX®  LMS has no user fees, so you can minimize training costs as you grow.


The answers to all your questions about what an LMS is and how it can benefit you.


TOPYX makes it easy for nonprofits to:

  • Coordinate geographically separated membership
  • Leverage cloud-based technology despite a lack of in-house IT
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your training tools
  • Keep employees / volunteers / members engaged

There’s no need to produce or buy costly training material such as books, binders or other content, but if you do, that training can be tracked (or even integrated) within the platform as well.

DOWNLOAD: Nonprofit Pricing


TOPYX can help to enable rapid acceleration of training, in a more affordable and convenient way.

With the TOPYX LMS, required training materials are always available, on demand, and can be easily updated so you can ensure that learners will always be up-to-date using the latest training materials.


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