E-Learning LMS

An E-Learning LMS allows your company to make training more efficient and agile.

Finding an efficient and easy way to train employees at large companies isn't an easy task. E-learning keeps trainees engaged and improves retention of concepts. An E-Learning LMS provides a platform for the functional benefits of online learning. To capitalize on the dynamic nature of E-learning, you need a platform that works for you. A couple things to consider in choosing an E-Learning platform are:
  • Ease of use - You should be able to navigate through your platform and create content seamlessly. Having a tool that is easy to use will allow for greater buy-in for administrators and learners.

    E-Learning LMS
  • Feature rich - Each platform will have different features. Finding the features that are important to you will help you select the best platform. Be sure to perform a features comparison as part of your process.

  • SCORM compliant - SCORM (the Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is an authority in the E-Learning space. SCORM guides the development of E-Learning systems. Finding a SCORM compliant, or better yet certified, platform is a best practice.

  • Pricing Structure - Each E-Learning LMS has a unique pricing structure. Some platforms charge a per user fee, which might be a good fit for smaller companies. Some platforms, such as TOPYX®, charge a flat-fee and allow you to have unlimited users. A flat-fee pricing structure allows larger companies to know their out the door price from the start. The more users that you have, the better value a flat-fee price structure becomes.

Getting used to how fluid each of your top options is requires a demo. You can test out the TOPYX platform risk-free.


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